Wanted: Cultural Liaison in La Crosse

From Bowman Performance Consulting, here.  An excerpt:

The School District of La Crosse is accepting applications for a district wide Cultural Liaison!

More info below from the Wisconsin Education Career Access Network.

Wisconsin Education Career Access Network School District of La Crosse

POSITION TITLE:  Cultural Liaison START DATE:      October 19, 2015 (approximately)

Accountability Objectives:

Assist with coordination of all Cultural & Family Connection Program activities.   Our commitment is to support each and every student in our school district. The largest  composition of diverse students we serve is our Southeast Asian/African American  students/families; all students will benefit from the advocacy of these positions.  The position will serve as an advocate for Southeast Asian/African American students  (respectively), their families and the schools. Act as a link between families and the school throughout the community. . . .

**Deadline to apply is September 25, 2015, by 3:30 pm. (or until position is filled)

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