News Release from BIA on Gov. Shutdown

BIA has issued a News Release regarding the government shutdown.  BIA and BIE has indicated that limited services will be provided during the shutdown.  With regard to education, the News Release states:

Funding for school operations is forward funded; therefore, Bureau of Indian Education activities will continue during the lapse in operations. All BIE funded schools, including Haskell Indian Nations University and Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute, will remain open; BIE will maintain staff required to provide a safe and secure environment for students; transportation and maintenance of schools will continue; tribally-contracted school operations are forward funded and will remain open. The BIE provides education services to approximately 41,000 Indian students through 183 schools and dormitories and provides funding to 31 colleges, universities and post-secondary school.

Additional information on Indian Affairs’ contingency plan for operations during the government shutdown can be found at:

Dep’t of Education Contingency Plan

The Department of Education, along with other agencies, has developed a contingency plan in the event of a government shutdown.  The plan can be seen here.  The other agency contingency plans, including BIA and BIE, can be seen here.

A quote from the Department of Education’s plan:

As set forth in this plan, the Department would furlough over 90 percent of its total staff level for the first week of such a lapse. During this first week, we would maintain only those excepted functions related to the discharge of the duties of Presidentially-appointed, Senate-confirmed individuals;those employees charged with the protection of life and property; and, as appropriate, the obligation, payment, and support of student financial aid as well as other authorized payments and obligations.

A prior post on this issue can be seen here.  Another ED Week article on the issue can be seen here.

ED Week Webinar: Best Practices for Implementing Online Learning in K–12 School Districts

Education Week is hosting a webinar on October 1st entitled Best Practices for Implementing Online Learning in K–12 School Districts.

As an increasing number of schools and school districts adopt online learning as a way to boost graduation rates, address multiple student populations, expand their course catalogs, and personalize learning, understanding the challenges and obstacles that educators face as they introduce new programs is key.

Webinar on Cultural and Academic Literacy

Education Week is having a webinar titled “Standing On Common Ground: Building Cultural and Academic Literacy.”  The webinar will be held on September 26, from 2-3 ET. The description:

Being literate in the information age increases our understanding of cultural and linguistic differences. Developing our students’ academic literacy skills and building their cultural knowledge are critical keys to these understandings. Pearson’s iLit is a comprehensive literacy solution designed to produce two or more years of reading growth in a single year. Based on a proven instructional model that has produced results for students in districts across the country for more than a decade, iLit has been carefully crafted to meet the rigors of the Common Core State Standards and to prepare students for success. In this webinar, Sharroky Hollie, executive director for the Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning, will discuss strategies for engaging students in developing the types of literacy needed for future success, and how iLit provides an effective way of implementing these strategies.