ICT: Too Many Scholarships, Not Enough Native Students Applying

An interesting read from Indian Country Today, here.  An excerpt:

In talking to my friend Al Paulson recently, it turned out we have a common problem. We can’t give away scholarships. What a shame.

In the modern age of computers, scholarships are everywhere, it seems.FastWeb, the most popular scholarship site, has over 1.5 million entries in its database. Other websites such asScholarships.comhave similar numbers. But it’s hard to give them away, let me tell you. I have been doing it for 42 years, and we never have enough applicants.

Al Paulsen who lives in St. Paul, Minnesota founded Marketplace Productions 20 years ago. After he had some success in business, he and other members of the Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce decided to launch an Indian scholarship program. But for almost a decade now, he has had trouble gettingNative American studentsto apply for it.

To learn about more scholarships, here is where to learn about the American Indian College Fund’s Scholarship’s, and NIEA has a great listing here. Catching the Dream also has an article on how to find and win scholarships here.


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