Pathways Internship Program

The Bureau of Indian Affairs offers the Pathways Internship Program, designed to “help Native students join the workforce after finishing school.” College students can get a paid internship without prior work experience through the Pathways program, which can turn into a permanent career if requirements are met.

Trainees will be paid based on the federal general pay schedule, and they will receive time off, sick leave, and overtime benefits comparable to that of permanent federal employees.

Participants of the program can also receive tuition assistance and scholarships, temporary housing, paid training opportunities, and travel opportunities.

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The BIA hires in a variety of fields, including Realty, Accounting, Social Services, Engineering, Tribal Policy, and many other areas of work. Participants of the Pathways program can choose to intern either through the BIA or with Tribes themselves.

Trainees may also be able to convert their internship into a permanent job placement. To qualify for the transition to a permanent placement, students must complete 640 hours of internships experience with Pathways before graduating. Students may also count previous internship or research experience, up to 320 hours.

Three months of full-time work (40 hours per week) accounts for approximately 480 hours toward the internship experience. Part-time internship opportunities may also be available during the school year.

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